Introducing CHUB TYLER: Snot nosed kid, Pentecost Survivor, & Fledgling Artist.


Hi again,

I’m still working on some rather deranged commissions, but took a break to meet with a snot nosed kid named Chub Tyler who asked if he could be my apprentice/assistant after commissioning me for a quick little project. I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea after our first telephone conversation….the kid kinda seemed like an a-hole.  Anyway, like I mentioned, he paid me to create a sort of trade mark Design for his hopeful brand of art.  I took some photos with my cannon/played around mix matching other images in photoshop with photos I took of Chub.  I think we came up with a decent brand image (See above) for him.  He insisted on having his face blurred out in the photos though. Either he thinks “Anonymity” in art is still cool or he doesn’t want his overly pentecostal family to know what he’s getting up to!

I’m sure you gathered from the paragraph above, I initially thought he was either half retarded or had A.D.D or some such shit, but it turns out he’s just from Wilson Oklahoma. He’s only recently moved down my way.  Anyway, after the photos for his commission were taken, he started up on me about the apprentice/assistant thing again.  I wanted to see what he could do on the spot.  He didn’t have any art supplies on him, so I lent him some card stock, glue, watercolor, news paper, and some of my son’s washable markers.  A little while later, he had a handful of finished pieces!

The art he made is really not my cup of tea, but there’s something to it!  He’s also young and is just starting, so It may take him a while to find his voice.   With that being said, I now have a new apprentice/assistant….even though it’s probably going to be like a Dr Frankenstein/Igor relationship!

Check out a few of Chub Tyler’s original pieces below.




Until next time,



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