Bears, Fuzzies, Sex Machines, & Toddlers Dancing to NIN

hi again,

It’s been a busy week and a half and it’s about to get a hell of a lot busier. So much has happened in the last week that I simply can’t put everything in one blog.  The stuff I had to leave out will surface soon.


I finished up the Obama “Second Term” commission and will be shipping it to Los Angeles this week to a very happy collector.


Next up I get to be creative with this attention commanding photo of a “Bear”.  I have had phone conversations with the gent who commissioned it and I think we’ve brainstormed our way into a pretty sweet piece of art.  He like my recent collage “Portrait Of The Artist As A Mythological Sex Machine” and wants something similar…only in oil and insists that the bear/Sagittarius has a much fatter cock.  More to come on this piece.


As promised, here’s a proper photo of the collage/watercolor mentioned above.  “Portrait Of The Artist As A Mythological Sex Machine” is a swell piece and features my pal, the lovely femme fatale/radio show host, and all around dirty dancer Kitten Marie Clayman.  This work could possibly look amazing as a large oil on canvas.  You may see that in the future.  I hope so.


In the middle of larger projects like commissions, I will often do small works while more pressing ones dry….. or if my son is commanding too much attention from me to really concentrate on mixing paint.  The collage/watercolor/oil above was created under those circumstance.  Its simply called “Furries” and as you may recognize, the popular book/film “Where The Wild Things Are” inspired at least a percentage of it.  I’ve wanted to do something clever with WTWTA ever since buying the book for my son.

This piece also features Super diva and extreme multi-tasker Kitten Marie Clayman as well as another old pal (Indigo) who’ve I’ve recently gotten back into contact with.  She’s an artist who I featured on this blog a couple of years ago and an all around fun human to chat with at 5 in the morning.  She lives in South Africa, so when its 5am here she’s at work which makes it all the more fun to fuck with her.

Anyway, I have been commissioned to do two more pieces.  One by a very cool guy with an art collection that will make your jaw drop.  The other from a chain-smoking french gent.  More info to come when I get closer to actually starting work on these pieces.

Last but not least, Here’s a new video titled “The Kids No Patrick Swayze” Starring Sucka MC

Good night and good luck,



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