Platinum Cheese Futhamucka


Hi again,

Just blogging to promote my new interview with popular art blog Platinum Cheese.  Rick Galiher presented me with a long stream of questions…hopefully I gave insightful answers.  Rick also wrote a wonderful introduction review for my work and character.  Little does he know..I’ve had something snap upstairs since then.

“There is a purposeful, unfinished quality to his work that makes it very recognizable. It’s like when you have a great idea and in that frenzied moment your chicken scratch communicates your excitement. I feel that same exuberant energy is channeled into ckirk’s work.”

Rick Galiher/Platinum Cheese

 Anyway, there was so much flattering commentary in the introduction that it was difficult to select a single line, so I hope you’ll read the full Platinum Cheese Interview by Rick Galiher.

Until next time,



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