It Felt Pretty Damn Good To Simply Half Ass This Thing


Hi again,

I started my second piece for the “Philistine” collection.  See the last entry below or just click here if you want to learn about the idea behind the series.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this piece for a while and there was many different ways I could’ve done it.

I made my decisions as I worked on different sections.  The head would not have looked heavy enough if I painted it in watercolor, so I saved that medium for the flowers.  Oil for the sloth head would’ve been good, but to be honest I just didn’t feel like mixing paint.

I decided to collage and use other simple skills such as stenciling to complete this painting.  Usually I try to improve my technique with each new piece, but I have to admit…it felt pretty damn good to simply half ass this thing.


“Philistine 2″, 18 x 24”, watercolor, spray paint, leather dye, and collage on 140lb acid free watercolor paper, 2013

Until next time,



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