Its Like Having A Gun You Can Pet #2

Size yet to be determinedOil on canvas, 2012

Its Like Having A Gun You Can Pet #2
Size yet to be determined
Oil on canvas, 2012

IMG_5251 IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5280 IMG_5290

Hello all,

I didn’t plan on putting any more work up for public view until next yet, but what the hell?  I recently finished a rather large piece that I’ve been thinking on ever since the watercolor “Its Like Having A Gun You Can Pet” was completed several months ago.  This time I used oil on a large piece of un stretched canvas.  I’m not sure of the size yet but that info will come once the painting dries enough to be stretched in 2013.

I used reference photos of my son and niece as well as photos from the award winning BBC program “Walking With Beasts” to put the Terror Bird together.  The idea “Its Like Having A Gun You Can Pet” came from one of my favorite standup comedians Bill Burr…he was  describing what it was like to have a Pitt bull.  Funny guy.  You should check him out if love stand up.

I have a number of ideas that could fit into the “Pet Gun” framework, but I’m unsure when they’ll see completion.  Another idea for a set of works titled “Philistine” has recently gotten me in a choke hold.  The “Philistine” and “Pet Gun” ideas will probably materialize as ongoing sets of work that could span into the unforeseeable future.

Anyway, its going to be a while before this puppy is dry due to paint being clumped pretty thick in some spots, but oils are always available for purchase with a deposit while drying takes place.  For current available work visit the gallery pages of my website.

Until next time,




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