Reworking a Large Canvas from 2009

Hello all,

While the weather isn’t perfect yet it’s cooled off a little here in Texas and I’ve been able to return to my ground level studio to work with oil.  Anyway, I’ve been staring at one of my very sub-par works from 2009 for about three years now as it has been hanging upstairs in my living room since completion.  That’s right…no one ever purchased it!  It wasn’t a horrible work, but was undertaken only months after I finally broke away from  years of stenciling….which really slowed my progression as a serious painter and draftsman.

That being said, I was upstairs loafing about and the idea of reworking the piece hit me suddenly.  I’d say within five minutes I had lugged the giant canvas down the stairs and was using primer to blot out the face.  I’ve put in a handful of painting sessions and it’s already looking much better.  Anyway, the piece isn’t finished yet.  I still need to work on the mouth area as well as add more layers and tones, but I wanted to share some photos anyway.

The work when after completion in 2009

In Progress 2012

Until next time,


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