LA + New Works

Hello all,

I recently took a trip to Los Angeles to stay with my pal THH70.  We didn’t have time to hit many galleries because we spent the majority of our time searching for an apartment for my family and I to live it.  Sadly we didn’t find one, but we’re still on the case.  We did have time to swing by LaBasse Projects for the Joshua Petker show and we also hit Corey Helford Gallery.We went during the galleries down time, so I don’t have any pictures to show, but take my word for it….the art was great!

In other news I have recently started a new 30 x 40″ canvas piece.  I’m not sure of the title yet, but so far it’s pastel, primer and spray paint on a recycled gallery profile canvas.  It’s a portrait of my son in his Thor getup.  As of now the piece is a work in progress but I wanted to share a photo anyway.  I’m not sure what it needs but I feel something is missing.  I think I’m going to employ my usual method and  stare at the piece until the answer reveals itself.

Until next time,



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