Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things.

Hello all,

I took a couple of weeks off from painting to rest and recuperate.  I actually did neither.  Pretty much just hung out with my wife and boy, know, the every day stuff.  Anyway, thanks to my two year old son, I have some cool ideas for new paintings.   In the mean time, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after a 2 week painting break. I’m finding it difficult.

Yesterday I did this dirty little watercolor study. Dude looks like he’s had his face rearranged.

 I was playing around and came up with another.

Finally I decided to do one a that was a little more abstract and I really wanted to allow the watercolor to do it’s thing.

Luke’s ideas are keep bouncing around in my head.  Procrastination.  Hopefully I’ll have some more significant works to post soon.

Until next time,



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