2nd Watercolor & Large Work In Spray Paint

Hello all,

I had some time to play around with watercolor again and was able to complete a small piece.  It’s really not too detailed but was fun and got my mind of things for a while.  I was really more interested in color, mark making, and manipulating the fluid properties of the media than doing a perfect portrait.  While looking at the piece upon completion the word “Botox” popped in my head for some reason.  I guess because the face is swollen, blotchy, and puffy.  I considered naming it as such, but decided against it for now.  I think I may just call it what it is… “Watercolor Head 1”.

For info and availability visit ckirkart.com

This is my second Watercolor, “Self Explanatory” being the first, and I have to admit…I am falling in love with the medium.  There will probably be many more watercolors added to the “I Can Paint With Anything” body of work soon.

In the studio April 2012

In other news, I also finished a LARGE canvas piece recently.  Like “Watercolor Head 1”, I wasn’t going for anything in particular and didn’t use a model.  I wasn’t as concerned with detail as much as letting the media speak and achieving a sense of weight in the piece.  This work was primarily done in spray paint though the background was painted with acrylic and primer.  I haven’t measured the canvas yet  so I don’t know the exact size and haven’t been able to think of a clever title either. For now I’m just calling it “Black Portrait 3”.

For info and availability visit ckirkart.com

I am glad it’s finally been painted on.  I’ve had the large canvas just setting in my studio unused for at least a year.  

Until next time,




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