Epoh: I Can Paint With Anything

Hello all,

Just in time for all the campaigning and mudslinging, I have a new work available displaying my total lack of faith in politics.  “Epoh: 3 Years Later” has to be the total opposite of  my  2009 painting “Dead Elephants” which was featured in the book “Designing Obama”.   Yes…I am one of those who temporarily bought into the the whole “Change” thing.  That being said, I have to mention that I don’t think Obama is any worse than former presidents we’ve had but his run has definitely caused me to cultivate a more nihilistic view of politics.

Anyway, I started “EPoh”  several months ago and just recently went back and finished it.  Due to my lack of  interest in the political system, I didn’t plan to release the assemblage, but I was encouraged to by one of my  collectors during a recent visit to my studio.  He instantly recognized the portrait pasted to the boards and convinced  me it was an important work.  If anything it’s a clear example of character growth in the critical thinking department.

Epoh: 3 Years Later
Size yet to be determined,
Charcoal, acrylic, primer, screws, & collage on mdf assemblage, 2012

Until next time,




6 thoughts on “Epoh: I Can Paint With Anything

      1. Ok, I looked at the piece and only skim read the text. It might have been late night when I commmted. It often is. The politics are obvious now I reread. Politics brings many false dawns and leaders are constrained by the structures and events around them. Didnt your founding fathers design it so? Still, I wonder if it’s early to judge the guy.
        For me, the false dawn was 1997, with Labour’s crushing majority. Later came the Iraq war and the realisation we our economic boom was a banker fuelled bubble. I remain political but perhaps more desperate.

      2. For me the piece is more about my own personal lack of faith in politics than it is about Obama or anyone else. I honestly think they’re all narcissistic shitheads.

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