Chase The Cat: I Can Paint With Anything 2012

"Chase The Cat"

30 x 40″, spray paint, acrylic, pastel, gel, and collage on gallery profile canvas, 2012,


I’ve been destroying some old pieces lately due to the fact that they never sold and really weren’t examples of my best work.  That’s how “Chase The Cat” came about.  I had this large gallery profile canvas with mediocre work on it and finally decided to be rid of it.  After laying down a  coat of white primer over the heavily layered piece of shit, I went to town with a couple of cans of spray paint to create the head.  Every thing just kind of came together later.  The name “Chase The Cat” was taken from lyrics of George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” which I happened to be listening to toward the completion of the piece.

 “Chase The Cat” and other new works are now available on the gallery page of my website.

Also my friend and founder of Sundown United has posted a flattering and nostalgic feature of my work and our time together on his blog.  Give it a read.

Until next time,



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