New Work 2012: I Can Paint With Anything

Hello all,

As anyone who follows my work can tell you, I often shift between media and style. The work remains figurative in it’s focus despite my different approaches toward creating art.  I have often mentioned in interviews that the “Look” of my art depends on what I’m using to make it.  This has it’s ups and downs.  It can be as much a curse as it is a strength.  Sometimes I get bogged down trying to decide whether to use oil, spray paint, or water color, or something else entirely.  Other times it is just instinctive and various media are thrown together almost without thought.  This usually occurs when I’m locked into a painting and completely loose time.  I love when that happens.

Art created between collections is kind of like having rebound girl friends between serious relationships.  Experimenting during these periods is usually how I stumble upon the “Look” of upcoming bodies of work.  Anyway, after spending so much time on my stylized monochrome collection of 11/12, I  have decided to completely go free style and embrace my versatility again.  I really feel the need to make art without latching onto a particular medium, style, or look.

For now, I’m going to completely disregard the boundaries that collections/series can place upon me and just paint with whatever I feel like using.

I’ve already completed a handful of new pieces for a body of work I’m calling Art 2012:  I Can Paint With Anything.

All of the new work isn’t on my website yet, but I figure i will post photos here from time to time until I get everything organized.

Minotaur Takes Five, I Can Paint With Anything 2012


Until Next time,



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