Good weather, Painting, Photographing Nudes


I enjoyed some studio time today.  The weather was nice so I decided to hang out, and enjoy the breeze  I did a little work, smoked a little tobacco and photographed a couple of new works on bristol.  Thus far, they’re both untitled and measure 19 x 48″.  I used spray paint, pastel, and collage to make the pieces.  I used old porno mags as reference material while painting the bodies and referenced a book on facial expressions for the figures faces.  I’m enjoying working with mixed media again.  thinking of doing a series.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Good weather, Painting, Photographing Nudes

  1. Oh wow. Good job man. These look really awesome. I was a little concerned for lack of a better word at the darkness and depth of it. But then I took a better look, and think they’re both great pieces. Glad you enjoyed some studio time. Send some of that awesome weather our way (north!!!!)

    1. Thank you Bobouli. We’re having unseasonably warm weather….enjoying it now, but I have a feeling the oppressive summer is just around the corner.

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