NEW Paintings, Drawings, Collages, & Prints NOW Available

The "Moreau" Set, limited edition print, edition of 1

Hello all,

I have been hard at work  punching away html code, editing video, and otherwise getting things ready for the presentation of new collections.  That being said, I am pleased to announce that my highly anticipated body of work is finally available.  This all new collection of paintings, collages, drawings, and prints are now live on my website.

The “Moreau” limited edition prints (Edition of 9 each) are linked to the “Shop Big Cartel” menu of my site.  View available prints HERE.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a set of four “Moreau” limited edition prints (Edition of 1)  on the “Gallery” page of my site.  Check out the “Moreau” SET & brand new original works of art HERE.

 Also, I produced a promotional video highlighting the work.

Artist Statement:

Concerning the new work, I wanted to make it as powerful as I could with as little at my disposal as possible. The majority of the paintings and drawings are mostly monochromatic, though untraditional media such as tape, coffee, and pipe tobacco ashes were used for staining and texture. Several dozen drawings were completed with many of them not making the cut into this final presentation. However, I utilized these works in a similar manner as william S. Burrows did in his writing. So despite the drawings not being shown in their entirety…shards of the works did survive. Entire pieces were built from fragments of those pieces as well as other more acceptable drawings and some compositions were merely complimented with a recycled section here or there. This new body of work draws from myth, literature, evolution, anthropomorphism, natural instincts, and the human experience. For me, the new collections are an attempt to simplify life among other things.

Until next time,



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