NEW Interview on BOTCAST

Hello all,

Just doing a quick press to tell you my new interview with BOTCAST is up and ready to read!  Tristown Dynamite, who I’ve known through the tobacco pipe smoking community for the last couple years, was the creative mind behind the interview.  Usually with interviews, I am emailed a list of questions to answer….which is fine.  I appreciate doing any interview that comes my way.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with Tristown’s easy going back and forth emailing.  It was really more like we were having a conversation….which was nice.  Tristown also showed off some of his creative writing skills… which impressed me quite a bit.  I have to say my exchange with Tristown has been the most engaging Q&A I’ve done to date.

Give the new interview a read by clicking HERE. 

Until next time,



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