Black Friday + Art Leak

“Halo 2″, 18 x 24”, charcoal, coffee, & collage on 100lb acid free Bristol, 2011

Hello all,

Black Friday is upon us!  I’m not one to go out and drudge through that madness…especially after chowing down on Turkey and dressing with the family.  Instead, I figured I’d keep with the BLACK theme by leaking a few of pieces that were done with a heavy hand welding BLACK charcoal. These photos are of recent art works from upcoming collections “Halo”, “Human”, “Animal”, “Moreau”, and “Vonnegut”.  The full collections are still not finished, but look for more photos in the coming weeks.  I figure I’ll have some new stuff on the website soon and will make sure to announce the release officially.  Until then…here’s a piece from each collection.

“Human 7″, 8 1/2  x 11”, charcoal, prisma, and tape on 150lb. acid free card, 2011

“Animal 1″, 9 1/2  x 11”, charcoal and tape on 150lb. acid free card, 2011

“Moreau 5” Limited Edition Print of collage of various charcoal drawings.  Size and edition yet to be determined.

“Vonnegut 1″, 24 x 18”, charcoal, acrylic, and tape on 100lb. acid free Bristol, 2011

until next time,


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