Sticker Documentation + Final Pieces of 2011 Collection

“Oral Fixation”, Spray paint, acrylic, & collage on cardboard, 2011

Size yet to be determined.

Hello all,

I just wanted to do a quick blog press about a few new pieces and some recent photos of sticker postings.  Recently I received a few emails from members of my sticker crew.  There were some nice photos of stickers placed around the country.  I always love to find this sort of documentation in my inbox!

New York Subway

Silverlake Sunset BLVD. and Santa Monica BLVD. LA

New Mexico

Stickers should start popping up in England, Germany, Slavakia, and France soon.  I shipped off more sticker packs today to various parts of the US and also in Canada.  I hope I get some nice pics of the postings.

In other news, the Texas heat is upon me.  Yesterday it was 105 degrees!  I’ve been doing a lot of work indoors, but with limitations of course.  I’m starting to think it’s time for a break and also time to experience some artistic growth.  I figure I will vacation until the end of summer and get back to work in full force once Fall arrives.  This being said, I will probably not be releasing anymore original art until Fall, but it will be more likely that new work will start to appear in 2012.

I have recently went in and added a few more pieces to my website as well as marked pieces as sold.  The 2011 collection has been disappearing very quickly since it was officially released just  just months ago.  

If you would like to grab a piece or two before they are all gone, please visit the gallery section of my website to see what is still available.

Until Next time,


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