Stickers Popping Up + New Piece “Untitled 2” + New Interview

Fairfax & 3rd, across from The Grove in Los Angeles California

Hello all,

I want to share a new piece that I’ve recently finished.  The piece is called “Untitled 2″, measures 20 x 12”, and was created using charcoal, acrylic, and spray paint on Gallery Profile Canvas.  For me, it’s a rather nice figurative piece with some blur and a kind of ghostly quality to it.

Anyway, the piece is now available  and would make a fine addition to any urban contemporary art collection.

“Untitled 2” can be viewed and or purchased HERE.

In other news, my vinyl stickers are starting to pop up on streets everywhere.  After announcing that I planned become active in street art again, I was very happy about hearing from folks who where eager to help.  Hopefully I’ll get more photos of sticker posting around the world.  I’d love to document my return to street art as throughly as possible.

I was also informed that my interview with Pelime is now up.  It was a long one, but very fun and the questions brought back some interesting memories.

Check out my interview HERE

Until next time,



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