New Print Editions

Hello all,

Dropping in to let you know I now have two different hand embellished stencil prints now available.  First up is “Portrait of The Artist” which is an open edition measuring 9 x 12″ created using spray paint and chalk on builder’s paper. Each print is signed and numbered.   Next is “Portrait of The Artist” Limited Edition print.  The limited edition measures 9 x 12″ and was created using primer, spray paint, prisma pencil on 100lb acid free bristol vellum.  There are 100 limited editions available  and each one is signed and numbered.  Both prints are very nice and because of choice of paper, colors, and hand embellishments, they give the feel of very tradition portrait studies.  Another cool aspect is that each of the prints are slightly different due to hand embellishments.

Because of the price as well as quality, these prints are perfect for folks who would like to start collecting art, but don’t have the resources to acquire original works.

To check out the Open Edition, click here

To check out the Limited Edition, click here

Until next time,



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