Three Artist Proof’s Available

Hello all,

Just dropping in to let you know I have some new prints available.  About two weeks ago, I decided to cut my first stencils since 2008.  Instead of using a photograph like I did in the past, I wanted to take one of my highly popular 2011 drawings and create a stencil from it.  I also had to wear my eye glasses which is something I never had to do in 2008.  I must be getting old!  For me, it was really a lot more challenging than working from an actual photograph of a person.  Four layers and a few hours after I returned from the print shop and began cutting, I had half of a very intricate job behind me.  I did a few test sprays and now have three artist proofs available.  I do plan to create an open edition of this print as well as a hand embellished limited edition in the weeks to come.  However, the three artist proofs available are each different and will not be replicated in the upcoming editions as some of the colors will change.

Visit my store on Big Cartel to view the new artist Proofs and works on paper that I have on sale.

Until next time,



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