The Highly Anticipated Collaboration is Complete

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick press to let you know how excited I am!!!  After several months, the highly anticipated collaboration piece between George Morton Clark and myself is complete!  I received an email yesterday evening from George.  He was very excited and went on about how great the piece looked, but unfortunately he could not send a photo due to poor lighting.  I was a little disappointed due to being on the edge of my seat anticipating an image file.  Despite the fact that I love George’s work, I became a little afraid that he’d fucked the piece up.

Today the image file arrived in my inbox.  I opened the message and was blown away.  George did fuck it up, then I realized….that’s what George does!  He fucks stuff up and does it better than anyone!  He takes the figure and violently hacks away at the features until all that is left is a stunning work of art riddled with feeling and angst.  I was very pleased with George’s work on the canvas and look forward to our next project.

The Collaboration should measure 24 x 36″ once it’s stretched.  It was created with oil, spray paint, and acrylic on canvas and was completed in 2010.  For inquiries feel free to contact me.

I also did a short video about the new piece.  Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to my art channel for the latest videos recording the creation of my 2011 collection.

Until next time,



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