Just An Update + New Art Video

Hello all,

I just wanted to do a quick blog press of the last few months as I have been super busy and have neglected my blog for a while.  My friend and mentor THH70 has finally made it home to Los Angeles.  I will miss seeing T on a regular basis.  The collaborative piece with George Morton Clark that I have been working on is packed and ready to ship.  I had the full intention of shipping it out today, but Labor Day foiled my plans.  Working from home, I often forget about holidays.  Anyway, I am carrying the piece to the post tomorrow.  My work for the October group show at Red Propeller Gallery was sent off a couple of weeks back and actually made it through customs much sooner than I expected.  The work actually arrived at the gallery about a month before the deadline.  I’m glad the package made it safely.

In other news, I have had an amazing couple of months as far as sells go.  While my art was in route from New York and Boston exhibits, buyers seemed to come out of the woodwork as they do from time to time.  I managed to unload a good chunk of my 2010 collection over the last few months and I am extremely grateful and wish to thank all my new collectors as well as older collectors for their past and continued support.

There are still some great pieces available.  If you’d like to inquire on available work, please contact me at info@ckirkart.com

Oh, I almost forgot.  I made the first art video I’ve done for several months.  Like I mentioned before THH70 is back in L.A…..so if you’ve followed my videos in the past….the production quality is not going to be what you’re used to, but hey….I’m just doing the best I can with what I have for a while.  I hope you enjoy.

To watch my new art video just click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOM_R3SgU-I&feature=sub

Until next time,




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