Some of My Favorite Contemporary Artists & Art Galleries.

Hello all,

If you read my last blog entry, you know that I will not be releasing any new art for the remainder of 2010.  I’m still painting regularly and will blog about upcoming exhibits as well as other news until January of 2011 when I will lift the curtain of secrecy to present a collection of new paintings to the public.

I was setting around the other day thinking about things I could do to keep my blog active.  Finally…I had an idea!  I decided to feature and interview some of my favorite contemporary artists and art galleries around the world.  Despite the fact that I’ve never interviewed anyone before, I think it’s a great way to let readers see the kind of art and people who inspire me.  A few weeks went by before I actually started approaching people and finally decided I’d better get started. 

I spoke with a handful of  folks that I admire.  Some of these people I know personally, some I know online,  and  others I don’t know at all. This should be fun.   Anyway, I’m pleased to announce  George Morton Clark, Jaybo Monk, Indigo , THH70 & Jason Zenga owner of Art Asylum Boston will be the first features for this new addition to my blog.    

Until next time,



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