NEW Art On Paper NOW Available!!!

Hey friends,

Since my last blog post I have been having a blast making art on 18in” x 24in” 50lbs. sketch paper as more affordable additions to my current series “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.  The paintings have become a little looser,  more minimal, and a little more humorous than their canvas/collage counterparts.  Unlike the canvas work, these new paintings on paper are completely spontaneous.  Not much,  if any, planning went into these pieces.  I just sketched until an image began to take form and then applied a little paint here and there.  

My favorite of the new work on paper is definitely “You Mufuckah You”.  This piece in my opinion, is hilarious.  It features some ill tempered thug in a Mickey Mouse outfit pointing his finger & wielding a knife at some unseen victim.  I left the figure unfinished in areas in order to expose the sketch work that usually goes unnoticed in my paintings.  I think it adds an interesting element to the work.  I’d also love to create a 3-D version of this figure.  I think it would make an excellent sculpture…..maybe I should put that on my to-do list. 

These new paintings are all a little funny not to mention slightly deranged.  With names like, “Gimme My Money”, I Hate Mondays”, “Sometimes I Think I Try Too Hard“, “Someone To Replace Mom”, “My Mamma Told Me” & “Red Kryptonite Gets Her Everytime“…..I’m sure you can see what I mean.

This fun new selection of work is priced perfectly for the first time art buyer as well as the more seasoned collector looking to grab an affordable addition to their collection.  These new works on paper will be made available for purchase in the “Works On Paper” Section  my website by January 4rth.

Unitl Next time….I’ll see ya in the funny pages.

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