Since my last blog post, an overwhelming urge came over me to create art that perverted the cartoon rabbit. I don’t know where it came from. Like many kids from the 1980’s, I grew up watching Bugs Bunny and salivating during cereal commercials featuring Trix The Rabbit. Trix always had some scheme to get one over on those asshole kids, but the poor bastard always managed to slip up before he could get a mouthful of that colorful sugar crusted breakfast cereal.

“Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids,” sang a choir of children’s voices at the end of every commercial.

Anyway, the sudden inspiration behind these “Wabbit” paintings remains a mystery to me. I guess it doesn’t really matter. Who cares? Does every cool piece of art have to be explained?

The first of two “Wabbit” paintings is really crazy. I call it “WA’SUP DOC”.
The piece measures 24in” x 30in” on gallery profile canvas. As always I drew, painted and distressed the character on sketch paper and later collaged it onto the canvas. For me, the dark suit and TNT detonator spell fun with a capital F U N.

Next up is “THE SAVAGE SHE-WABBIT”. This work measures 24in” x 30in” on gallery profile canvas and was created using the same process as “WA’ SUP DOC”.
A rather curvy bombshell in a white rabbit suit is the key component in this composition. Yowza!
I think the irony in the piece is also fun. It’s a well know fact that rabbits are usually food for larger animals, but make no mistake, “THE SAVAGE SHE-WABBIT” is at the top of the food chain in this composition.

Both “WA’SUP DOC” & “THE SAVAGE SHE-WABBIT” are now available on my website.
Until next time…..See you in the funny pages.


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