Hey friends,

Recently I have had an explosion of activity in my studio. I have completed a whopping ten new works of art for my current series “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY” Since my last blog post, I decided to create some smaller works in addition to the larger pieces on canvas. Each piece introduces a new crazy character and few different approaches to painting their backgrounds. Two of the pieces are on stretched gallery profile canvas and measure 30in” x 40in”. The other eight pieces created are on 100lbs. Bristol Vellum and measure 11in” x 14in”.
I create the compositions for the smaller works much the same way as I do for the larger pieces.
The characters are drawn, painted, and distressed, then later cut out and pasted onto painted backgrounds.
The canvas pieces are called “HOT BUTTERED IDOLATRY” and “ART SCHOOL DROPOUT”. “HOT BUTTERED IDOLATRY” A Mickey Mouse type character dominates the canvas. For me, this painting is both ominous and funny in a strange sort of way. The piece is more minimal than earlier works and has a little blue and red strategically placed throughout the piece.

“ART SCHOOL DROPOUT” is the other work on canvas. It features a very pissed off looking character sporting Mickey Mouse ears and Captain America shirt. The background painting is heavily layered with news print paper and very messy in an abstract expressionist sort of way. Blue and orange paint really jump and pop around the villianous character. I haven’t worked this messy in a while, but it was a lot of fun. I think I may create more work in this fashion.

The eight smaller works on bristol are great. They all feature the bust of a new character and a few consist of more simple, but effective painting techniques in the background. I won’t go into too much detail considering they’re are so many of these works. Here are a few of the titles to spark your curiousity: “LONE RANGER“, “BOY WONDER“, “FOILED AGAIN!“, AND “DOLLA BILL“. Take a look, they are worth checking out. Enjoy!

The links to art in this blog will take you to my Facebook page, but a few of these works have been uploaded to my website. I will be uploading the others into the “ART ON PAPER” section of my gallery as well as retooling a few things for the website.

Until next time….see you in the funny pages.



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