Recently I decided to create some art as an experiment. I wanted to see how my characters would hold up against more minimal backgrounds. I also wanted to explore the “Super hero” theme a bit deeper. I asked myself, “What would I do If one day I awoke with super powers?” I had to do a little work before I would really know the answer.

First up, is “Sonnets + C-4 Serenades”. It’s my third and largest painting with urbam contemporary artist THH70. The piece features THH70’s multi colored, chemically altered background, a hand drawn face, and his signature “witty” written text. I contributed some stenciled collage back ground and a hand painted image of my subverssive
Captain America” character holding a Wiley Coyote acme bomb.

Next up is “THE GREAT ESCAPE” with introduces a new “Wonder Woman” type character being confronted by an escaped convict wearing a captain america mask, an orange jumpsuit, and broken shackles. It has a real 1970’s Blaxploitation feel to it.

Third up is “THE INCREDIBLE” which features a larger than life “Hulk” like character smoking a cigar, sporting a COBRA Tshirt and holding a bag of stolen money.

Last but not least is “THE OL’ MIGHTY BASTERD”. Imagine The Mighty Thor, Old Dirty Bastard, the Unibomber, some paint, paste, a large magical wall paper brush and you have “THE OL’ MIGHTY BASTERD”! I love it. LOL!

After working through these pieces, I revisited my earlier question, “What would I do with super powers?” I’d like to say I’d use theM responsibly and that I’d save the day on a regular basis, but I can’t. After seeing all the character defects, short comings, and delusions of gradeur I packed into these paintings, I’d probably be an extreme example of self will run riot….in other words…I’d act a damn fool!!

Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben was right when he said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Nuff said!

All four of these pieces measure 30in” x 40in” and were created using mixed media, mixed technique and collage on stretched canvas, in 2009.

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