New Painting “American Graffiti” Now Available!

Hey friends,

American GraffitiFahamu Pecou invited me to create a piece of art live during Sol Fusion Texas this past July. I was very happy to participate seeing how I’ve admired Fahamu’s art for the last couple of years. Sol Fusion rocked into the wee hours with great music, beautiful women, and live art…despite the rain and thunderstorms that moved in on us just minutes before the party got started.
I showed up with with my partner THH70 as always, with a large canvas, sketchpad full of tagged up paper, vinyl and canvas, a bucket of paste, and of course…the mask. You know, I never leave my studio without the mask. THH70 happend to have his camera with him and despite the bad lighting, he managed to capture a few dozen shots of my live art process. You can check them out at my flickr page.
I was unable to complete the piece at Sol Fusion, but added the finishing touches later in the comfort of my own studio. I decided call the piece “American Graffiti”.

“American Graffiti”
48in” x 60in”
Spraypaint, enamel, acrylic, vinyl, canvas, and paper collage on stretched canvas. 2009

NOW available for purchase at:


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