THH70 & C.Kirk Collaboration To Be Exhibited in Museum!


THH70 NEWS:Museum Exhibit! + In-Depth Interview Posted on!
July 8, 2009

Hi, everyone! Some fantastic news for this week:
It’s a done deal: I will be showing my work this Fall/Winter at the prestigious Contemporary Art Center of Virginia ( part of the retrospective exhibit “Davmo & The Young Guns”, a retrospective of the career of my art mentor & guru Davmo.The exhibit will be from September 24, 2009 – January 3, 2010!The museum has chosen a whopping FIVE canvases of mine to be shown in the exhibit, including “Corporate Concubine”,one of the collaborative canvases I created with Contemporary Pop artist C. Kirk (!The five paintings chosen were: “Corporate Concubine” (18 x 24″), “The Lofty Aspirations of Hotel Room Art” (30 x 40″),”Throw Glass” (16 x 20″), “Beat Poets” (20 x 16″), and “Kandinsky Motorcrash” (20 x 24″). Photos of these pieces are attached.
If any of these pieces are purchased prior to the exhibit, you’ll have the honor of allowing these works to be “on loan” to the museum for the duration of the showand have your name hang next to the work as being “On Loan from The Collection of ‘Your Name Here'” (a nice little perk & ego boost, right?).The work would be shipped to you upon completion of the show. An inside tip: if unsold, the prices of all 5 of these pieces will increase upon completion of the exhibit,so, now is the time to acquire these museum pieces before their prices rise significantly. ;-)You can view the work online at my website ( Please contact me should you wish to purchase one or more of these paintings!
In more news: beginning TODAY, my in-depth interview & profile of my work is now online at! ( blog, as well as their other website, have been championing my work since this past Januarywhen my painting “Krylon Courtesan” received coverage as their “Painting of the Day” (that piece now resides in Tokyo, Japan!).So, it is indeed an honor that they requested to do a feature about me on their site. They cover all the top artists in the Urban Contemporary vein,so I am obviously on Cloud 9 that my work has struck such a chord with them.Thanks to Chuck B. and the whole Sprayblog / Spraygraphic team!
To view all my current work, make sure to head on over to!Wishing you all well!


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