Some People Are Just Assholes But GRID Loves You

Hello again art lovers,

I hope the week has been good to you thus far.


I’m great.  I just finished up a new triptych that I’ve been working on for a while.  The idea originated back toward the end of 2013 when I did three quick sketchbook watercolors while in Los Angeles.  The concept was much simpler at the time, but over the last several months, some things were stripped away while other brain candy was added.  The new version is not as raw as the original and much more design oriented.  It’s also missing a devil penis but I doubt anyone will fault me for that.


“Some people are just assholes”, 2013


“Apoko – Lips#17 – Some people are just assholes but GRID loves you”, 2015

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The Police Don’t Bangarang In Imagination Land

Hello again art lovers,

Whether you searched for eggs, celebrated a Middle Eastern poltergeist, got drunk or did all of the above, I hope you had a great easter holiday!


I took a break from commissions to create a new piece!  In fact, I have a handful of new works in the early “Study phase” that I’m really excited about.  Hopefully I’ll get the bugs worked out of them and the actual pieces created soon.   For now, I’d like to share my latest work.

It’s titled “Apoko-Lips#16 – Portrait of the artist kicking the shit out of cars #2″


The first “Kicking cars” piece I released for public consumption has been pretty popular and while I’m not sure I could ever capture the magic of the original, I wanted to try to create a new “Amp’t up” version.



When my five-year-old saw the piece he asked, “But where are the police?”  Laughing, I reminded him that the police don’t bangarang in imagination land.

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The Artist As Mythological Sex Machine

Hello again art lovers,

I hope you are well.

I’ve had a decent week.  Last week was good to.  I sold the 2012 watercolor “Horsecock” to a wonderful collector in New York.  I revisited the centaur theme in 2013 with the collage “Portrait Of The Artist As  Mythological Sex Machine”.  The collage sold in 2014 to a gent in L.A.  Anyway, after realizing my centaur pieces were both in new homes, I’m considering the idea of exploring the theme once again.  I think a new version would fit beautifully into Apoko-Lips.


“Horsecock” 2012


“Portrait Of The Artist As Mythological Sex Machine” 2013

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The All New Is Now Operational

Hello again dear art lovers,

I hope you’ve all had a great week thus far!

I’ve finally finished building a new website to exclusively feature my new series APOKO – LIPS.

For me, the ongoing series Apoko – Lips is an attempt to take an impartial look at contemporary culture, the velocity of information and life lived online through high-tech touch screens. Actions and movements interrupted by glitch, are emphasized in the work as a “Note to self” or memento of the physical body and the external world. The Apoko – Lips series asks two questions. Are we detaching from fundamental components of our humanity with each new technological advance; or are we simply experiencing the awkward, embarrassing growing pains of evolution while propelling ever closer to a new golden age?

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 12.22.15 PM
 I invite you to visit and explore my new site.

 Welcome to the new

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New # 15: An Intriguing Nude Triptych

Hello again art lovers,

I just stopped in to share my new triptych titled Apoko – Lips # 15.  This set took a while to finish.  I think we did the photo shoot over a month ago, for christ sakes!  Some of you may recognize the figures and props from an earlier and very popular blog post.  If not, and you’re interested in seeing the pre processed photos just click  here.  Anyway, I really like where the 2015 work is headed.  It’s still focused on contemporary culture, technology and action interrupted by glitch, but with this piece, I’m looking at old ideas and pairing them with the modern equivalent.

I uploaded a large image of the full triptych and each individual section of the piece below.


Apoko – Lips #15

Acrylic, emulsion, transfer pencil, graphite, micron pen, oil pastel on watercolor paper, 2015

Enlarged Adaptation

UV inks on metal.


#15 Section 1


#15 Section 2


#15 Section 3

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 9.34.10 AM

In other news, the all new will be operational next week and will exclusively feature my new series Apoko – Lips.  For the next 7 days, I am offering you free shipping on any purchases of art created prior to 2014.   This offer ends March 25th at midnight.  If there’s a piece you’ve been considering, now’s a good time to grab it.

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Eric Pouncie Jr. As “Frank” The Rabbit

Hello again art lovers,

Lately, I’ve been back in touch with my old pal Eric Joseph Pouncie Jr. The reunion turned out to be quite a bit of fun and insightful.  I never knew he made costumes!  Look at the custom “Frank” suit he created!

I love how he made it blue.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did.





Photos by Walter Johnson Jr.

I believe it’s currently under construction, but you can still take a look at some of Eric’s other work by visiting his website.

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Cutie & The Boxer Exhibit At Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Hello again art lovers,

All is well.

I’m pretty excited because later today, I’m taking my wife to the Noriko and Ushio Shinohara: Cutie and the Boxer exhibit at Kirk Hopper Fine Art.  There’s even going to be a live boxing painting demonstration!  We watched Zachary Heinzerling’s documentary about the artist couple some time last year and really enjoyed it, so I was thrilled when Kirk told me about a month ago that he was bringing the duo to Dallas.


If you’re going to be in town and would like to see the show information,

click here.

Until next time,