New # 14, The Return Of Amy Boobies & HTML Hell

Hello again art lovers,

I have many projects in the works but I’ve finally completed my first piece of 2015.  The APOKO – LIPS series is composed of different aspects.  Aside from making an attempt to reflect contemporary culture and life lived through high-tech touch screens; action has been a paramount focus,  well, more like action interrupted by glitch.  Anyway, where movement is concerned, I wanted to raise the bar with my new #14.


“Apoko – Lips # 14″

Acrylic, emulsion, oil pastel, transfer pencil, graphite, micron pen on watercolor paper, 2015


2014 photo shoot for an Apoko – Lips triptych

Speaking of pieces in the works, the much-loved and ever popular Amy Boobies will be returning for an all new project!  She’s a lot of fun to work with and I’m really excited about it.  I would’ve blogged about the “Amy” project sooner, but I only just emerged from three days stuck in html hell.  On the bright side though, my new website is finally built!  There’s a little tweaking to do, but it’s pretty much finished.  I still have the  site hidden for now, but stay tuned.  Pretty soon the all new will be operational!

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 9.34.10 AM

Until next time,


APOKO – LIPS Balloon Prototype Party

Hello again art lovers,

Things are going well.  Last week, I sold a piece from my 2009 “Monochrome” series titled “Halo 4“.  I’m also really excited because over the weekend, I started a prototype for a sculpted version of my APOKO – LIPS balloons. Well, it wasn’t just me.  A had an old friend who I used to sculpt with and my 5 year-old on hand.  We had an Apoko – Lips Balloon prototype party. It’s still far from done, but I’m having to spread my time between projects a lot lately.  That being said, I’ve realized that the APOKO – LIPS series has become a process that is much more complex than me simply painting alone in the studio.  The work is going to take longer.  Thankfully, I’m not beating myself up too much about not being able to finish every piece right away.


“Halo 4″, Monochrome series 2009


 Detail scan of a 2014 piece featuring the Apoko – Lips balloons.

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A Valentine For Internet


Hello again dear readers,

It’s Valentine’s day and like women everywhere, my wife is locked in white knuckle love mode.  I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy the holiday as well.  My spouse only eats sweats a few times a year so when she finally indulges, the sugar produces the symptoms advertised by Spanish Fly.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s day. 

Until next time,


APOKO – LIPS Nude Shoot + Old Sulky Slices Of Myself

Hello again dear readers,

I took a break from commissions for a few hours last week to shoot some reference photos for my new 2015 APOKO – LIPS series. I’m thinking the new works are going to be full of energy and more experimental than most of the pieces from 2014. Hopefully I’ll be able put more work in on them soon.





There is a lot of work to be done before the pieces these photos were shot for will be finished.  They’ll need to go through a few different processes first.  I already have the concepts thought out, but usually the initial idea gets built upon over time to encompass a variety of other ideas.  The process is really a stream of consciousness exercise.

In other news, I’ve decided to put three previously unavailable, transitional works from 2014 up for grabs.  I concocted these moody works mid year during a very cynical period, most likely brought on by not painting for the previous five months. It was an experimental time where I worked with different techniques and media prior to finding my current course. Pieces such as these allowed time for the dark, sulky mood to pass so the rainbows could stretch out and smile again.


“Let Your Dolls Face Dry Then Reattach”

For me, the pieces were meant to be a reaction to the current state of social media and the public’s willingness to put absolutely anything and everything, no matter how personal or petty, online for the world to see. I now feel that the thinned out, smeared pastel portraits  are probably more of a hard look at myself during a specific, unpleasant frame of time and mind.

These works are only available for a limited time, so for more information or to grab yours while you can, 

Check out my SHOP !

I hope you enjoy the new reference photos and pastel drawings.  I better get back to work on the commissions.

Until next time,


Family Portraits, Vagina Commissions, & Gozer Limited

Hello again dear readers,

I hope you’ve all had an excellent week.

I have been absolutely swamped as you may remember me mentioning in the last blog entry “There & Back Again By Dildo Braggins”.  Since then, I’ve finished up a commissioned family portrait of a couple of standup comedians and the poor women who puts up with them on a daily basis.  This presumably saintly women is named Kenna and it was her birthday last week.  Soon after her husband Steve picked it up the canvas from my studio, he sent me a photo of her holding the canvas and mentioned that it would be taking up prime real estate in their bedroom.


“Meet The Herndons”

Oil, acrylic, emulsion & collage on canvas, 2015


Happy Birthday Kenna

After the family portrait was finished, I immediately started on the next commission in line.  It’s an interesting one where I am charged with the task of making a composition from five separate vaginas.  This is all at the buyer’s request, of course. Some of you may want to stay tuned for it.

I’m calling it “V5″ for now.


In other news, we shipped out a box full of original art and a couple of the “Gozer” limited edition prints to the United Kingdom earlier today.  Actually, there’s not many of the “Gozer” prints left, so if you’d like to grab your very own “Gozer” before they’re gone forever, feel free to email me at

For originals, please visit my website

Until next time,


“There & Back Back Again By Dildo Braggins”

Hello again dear readers,

I hope the year is shaping up well for all of you.

It’s been a while since I published a new blog.  In fact, this is my first entry of 2015. Initially, the lack of documentation was from post holiday fatigue.  Distancing myself from work came to an abrupt end soon after 2015 began.   Fortunately, my new year started off with the sale of quite a few original works and some pretty large limited edition print orders.  Commissions from designers, political hopefuls and others started to roll in as well.  It’s great when the new year kicks off with tons of elated interest in your work.

The good fortune is especially welcomed after last year.  I spent most of 2014 strengthening my body, exploring consciousness expansion through natural means, and developing new techniques for art which I have committed to evolving over the next few years.  I don’t think anyone would argue that the above list of activities are all good, healthy exercises for a human being to engage in.  The problem is, the funds I had accumulated during the previous year  were steadily disappearing.

I eventually and very briefly sought gainful employment but I quickly realized I wasn’t as crafty at conning my way into jobs as I was ten years ago and that I would rather continue making money on my own terms.   A much older artist told me that he believed once a person had been a working artist for a certain length of time, they basically become unemployable in the conventional work environment.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it doesn’t really matter.  Opportunity cranked up again just when I really needed them to.  Is it possible that Universe has picked up the phone and  it’s time to work again?   Yeah, it’s possible.

That being said, there has been renewed interest in my 2013 “Gozer” limited edition print.  I’m glad I held a handful of them back.  Strangely enough, the newly purchased “Gozer” editions are headed to separate art collectors in London with very similar names.


Photo of the original mixed media canvas “Re-Imaging Gozer”, 2009 -2013


The “Gozer” limited edition of 10, created by the print dynamos at Static Medium in Los Angeles.


I also, very recently, sold both my “Soft Machine” canvas’ from 2011 to separate collectors.  The smaller “Soft Machine” companion piece was purchased when a long-time collector brought some friends to my studio for a visit.  A polite married couple are the new owners.  The larger “Soft Machine” canvas is now owned by an art lover in London.  The Londoner also purchased a handful of other originals.  

I love it when someone acquires multiple pieces!


“Soft Machine” mixed media canvas pieces from 2011


Photo of the “Soft Machine” companion piece requested by new owners.

In conclusion, the new year thus far, has oozed good fortune.  I have much more news about sales, commissions, and also updates on my latest body of work APOKO-LIPS but I’ll save that for later and stop here.  If I don’tthis blog post could quickly transform into a sociopathic bragging session and/or stretch on to an annoying length.  Maybe it already has.  If fact, I’m sure that it has.  I think I’ll call this entry


“There & Back Again by Dildo Braggins”

If anyone else is interested in original art, commissions, or the gritty cartoonish-realism of the 18 x 24″ limited editions of “Gozer”, Feel free to email me at 

Until next time,


Free, High Resolution, Printable Holiday Card


Hi everybody,

I hope you’re all jolly, warm, and fed.

After looking through cards at a retail store, I became disappointed and decided to make a hand-made holiday card for a family member. I think it turned out pretty cool, so I decided why not share it with everyone else. It’s a 300 dpi, high-resolution image. If you’d like to give this card to someone, simply visit the flickr link below, download it, print it out on paper or card stock, fold it in half and add your personal touch.

The image above is a low resolution jpeg of the card. To get my free, high-resolution, printable card just click


Happy Holidays,