Selling Ideas of Rosy Red Rockwell Dwarves, Sex & Good Luck For A Limited Time

Hello again dear readers,

I wanted to let you know I threw up a couple of previously unavailable pieces on my “Shop” page.  The piece featured below is titled

“Rosy Red Rockwell Dwarves, Sex & Good Luck For A Limited Time”.


I painted the figure over a friend’s little girl’s watercolor.  Don’t worry, I had permission.  I’m not some deviant bastard who goes around ruining children’s artwork for the sheer pleasure of watching tears stream down their rosy red cheeks.   

I got the idea from an old fantasy novel.  A very sexually active dwarf was heartbroken after learning that the women were only having sex with him for the good luck intercourse with a dwarf would bring.  Anyway, the paper wasn’t primed so it was difficult to move the oil around the surface.  I found it didn’t matter much after a while.  I just wanted to insure that the dwarves cheeks featured similar reds to the old Norman Rockwell Santa Clause paintings.  Don’t as me why.

In all seriousness, I still need to raise some funds, and have put a handful of really cool pieces “On Sale”, so check out my current special offers by clicking Here.

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This is Modern Art episode 1

Hello again everybody,

I’m back again with another entertaining art documentary.  This time it’s “This is Modern Art” episode 1.  90’s Cool guy art critic Matthew Collings discusses  Picasso, Pollock, then Warhol, the impact their work had during their own time and how the work was relevant to the contemporary art of the 90’s.  I’ve seen most of this 6 part series, but went back and watched again not long ago.  I like the way Matthew Collins discusses the works and though the production is dated, the documentaries are still very entertaining and educational.

Maybe you guys will enjoy it to.

Until next time,


With titles like “Crispy Pork Gang”, “12 Fuck Faces”, and “Walter White” they’re worth a look…. Aren’t they?

Hello again dear readers,

If you’ve read my blog in the last couple weeks, you know I’ve been going through my sketchbook “Ckirk Dear Diary 2013″ lately and plucking out a few gems here and there then putting them out into the world.  I found a handful that work really well as triptychs & diptychs a couple of weeks ago, but I had a few that I still wasn’t sure what to do with.  I’ve decided to make these previously unavailable watercolor works available at special prices.  For the most part, they document my last eventful stay in Los Angeles.  With titles like “Crispy Pork Gang”, “12 Fuck Faces”, and “Walter White”  they’re worth a look….  Aren’t they?

That being said, I had some empty slots on my shop page, so I decided to upload a few brand new works of art that I didn’t plan on selling just yet.  I was hoping to hold on to them for a while to see how other new works may develope, but I need to raise some funds for other projects and in truth, my bills.   The 2014 pieces in question are “Two Fuck Faces In Oil Pastel” which is self-explanatory and “The Scream After Munch” which is a figurative oil painting over an abstract expressionist’s previous work.  I wanted to do something similar to Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” while completely ignoring Munch’s famous painting all together.

You can see “The Scream After Munch” below.

Afterward, take a look at the other works currently listed at special prices.

Just click HERE. 


Until next time,


Neighbors & Fleas Give Life To Cartoonish Rage

Hello again dear readers,

I was looking at my watercolors from last year and in desperation decided to try to reproduce the carefully placed rudimentary brush strokes that made them so loved by the masses.  I’m not sure if I succeeded but I did create something that is an honest reflection of the last few months of my life.  I feel like I should make a hand-written note and encase it in plexiglass along with the watercolor in order to present them both as some sort of stylish diptych.  

The note would discus the woes of listening to coke riddled advice, power-lifting through injuries, peace-loving spinsters who talk too much, feed rodents and can’t tolerate the early afternoon playfulness of children.  My cautionary tale would also go over an elderly obese psycho with a sweaty vagina and the tribulations of flea infestation.  Don’t fret readers.  I will not discuss the gory details of the eclectic, horrifying topics I mentioned in the above sentences but I will direct your attention to the autobiographical watercolor below.

Perhaps the work is visceral  enough that you won’t need an explanation.  

Then again, maybe it’s not as potent as I believe it to be.


“Neighbors & Fleas”

15 x 11″, watercolor, graphite & micron pen on 140lb. acid-free watercolor paper, 2014


Until next time,


Diptychs & Triptychs – Don’t blame me, I recently watched a Francis Bacon documentary & occasionally listen to Lou Reed

Hello again everyone,

I finally decided how to use some of the watercolor sketchbook pieces I completed the last time I was in Los Angeles.  These works were not previously available because I wanted to keep the sketchbook “Ckirk Dear Diary 2013″ whole, but I finally said, “Fuck it”, and that’s how this all came about.  Anyway, the works I mentioned are part of an autobiographical theme I came up with called “Off to Hollywood”.  In fact, most of my work is autobiographical in some way or other, but that doesn’t matter.  Some of you readers may remember my last L.A adventure, but I seriously doubt it considering the modern-day epidemic of smart phones, short attention spans and bad memories.  Don’t blame yourself though, it wasn’t that important and what can one blogger expect in the age of the 24 hour new cycle.

That being said, I hope you enjoy these diptychs & triptychs.  If not, don’t be too hard on me….I recently watched a Francis Bacon documentary and occasionally listen to Lou Reed.   


“Some people are just assholes”

Three 5 x 8″ sheets, watercolor on sketchbook paper, 2013


“Tony Castro”

Three 5 x 8″ sheets, watercolor, ballpoint pen, & graphite on sketchbook paper, 2013 – 2014


“Off to Hollywood”

Two 5 x 8″ sheets, watercolor, ballpoint pen, & graphite on sketchbook paper, 2013 – 2014

Until next time,


Mike Kelly Explains His Work

Hello again everyone,

A friend of mine paid a visit last week.  We were discussing different types art and artists who we like.  Mike Kelly’s name came up in the conversation.  My friend exclaimed, “I love that guy’s stuff.  I don’t understand it, but I love it.”  I had to admit that I really didn’t understand his work either.  I first heard about Mike Kelly through an art collector friend who I correspond with regularly.  I plowed through plenty of images of Kelly’s work, but never really investigated what was behind it.

Anyway, I had some free time yesterday, so decided to use it to learn and hopefully become inspired.  I found an artist talk where Mike Kelly’s work is broken down and explained by the artist himself.  It starts off a little slow during the introduction and takes about 10 minutes to really pick up, but if you can get through that, I think the talk becomes very interesting.

If you have ever been curious and have a little time to spare, check it out

Until next time,