One day I’m going to take all of your selfies and do something really nasty with them

Hello again everyone,

I was recently contacted by a young art student in Northampton.  For her project, she’s studying up on different artists who do well at infusing emotion into their portrait work.  I always respond and do what I can to answer questions posed to me by students. As we corresponded about capturing emotion in portraiture, I noticed how much my personal interests have  changed since the last time a young artist reached out for a project.

I’ll explain what I mean.  I worked on some watercolor & oil portraits about a month ago to get back into the practice of painting.  They came out really well and in my opinion, look excellent.   The problem is, I found the actual process incredibly boring and uninspiring. I still enjoy looking at and appreciating portraiture, but it’s gotten to where painting them isn’t very much fun anymore. I have worked on a few  portraits since then but I’ve been trying to have more fun and have quit worrying so much about the technical issues of things being the right size and in the correct place.  I never figured I’d see the day when I lost interest in painting realism but  maybe it’s just a phase I’m going though. Who knows?

Either way, I’ve never hesitated to change when the life of my art depended on it.

My art has changed quite a bit over time.  It was usually altered as my technical abilities became more advanced or I learned something new but there were a few instances, namely my 2013 watercolors, that I just decided to let loose and toss technique out the window.  My sketchbooks have also provided that type of freedom, though my current sketchbook is filled more with ideas than actual drawings. I’ve also recently taken up printmaking again and abandoned drawing all together where this type of work is concerned.  Could the prints be transformed into beautiful oil paintings…of course, but why bother.  Sculpture has also been on the menu for about the last year, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get back around to that medium just yet.

I guess the point I’m trying to get around to is… I’m happy to be in an experimental growth period again.  Growth isn’t always comfortable but I suppose it’s necessary from time to time.  I guess I could have just said that instead of typing the three paragraphs above but I like to write to.

So anyway,  if you’re still up to it after the long read, give the oil pastels below a look.



Untitled, oil pastel in sketchbook, 2014



 14″ x 17″, oil pastel & acrylic emulsion on 100lb acid-free bristol vellum, 2014


“It’s getting harder and harder to find good content”

14″ x 17″, oil pastel, mineral spirits, acrylic & graphite on 100lb acid-free bristol vellum, 2014


“One day I’m going to take all of your selfies and do something really nasty with them”

14″ x 17″, oil pastel, mineral spirits & graphite on 100lb acid-free bristol vellum, 2014

Until next time,


I hope you all have had a week chalked full of casual sex, good food and overall unbelievable adventure!

Hello again everyone,

I hope you all have had a week chalked full of casual sex, good food and overall unbelievable adventure!

I haven’t.  I didn’t make anything the last couple of days.  Instead, I plotted out ideas for works that I can’t possibly afford to fabricate at the moment.  Very productive, don’t you think?  Anyway, I did sell and pack up an older mixed media piece to be shipped to someone who is quickly becoming one of my favorite collectors and art conversationalist.  It’s not so much the quantity of art that he buys that makes him a fun collector in my opinion , but the art he chooses to collect.  


“Ego maniac with an inferiority complex”

18 x 24″, spray paint, charcoal, pastel, marker, acrylic & duct tape on 100lb acid-free bristol, 2012

Until next time,


“The problem with getting bigger & stronger is… your dick stays the same size” & other new works

Hello everybody,

I’ve finished some new work.  They’re really more like studies, as I’d like to recreate the pieces on a larger scale.  After a bitch of a battle, the muse is back in full swing and being milked as we speak.  Unfortunately, thanks to my hiatus, the funds are not and that is something I need to sort out.

Many of the concepts, components and compositions for these new works started last year.  They either began by visual design or written ideas  frequently scribbled  into my sketchbook with a ballpoint pen. More often than not, the imagery and idea are completely separate entities but eventually they find their way together and become conjoined.  For example, I began work on the “Superman” imagery below late last year.  I recently altered it substantially but I still didn’t have an idea to attach to the work.  I wrote the statement in my sketchbook only two days ago and was actually in the middle of pairing it with other imagery when I realized the “Superman” composition would be the perfect visual anchor for my written self observation.

I keep referring to the initial visual work as the “Superman” imagery, but really, I intended the figure to represent Superman’s odd, backward counterpart Bizzaro. The “S” is supposed to be backwards.   Anyway, check out the new works below.  Feel free to let me know what you think.


“The problem with getting bigger & stronger is…your dick stays the same size”

11″ x 8 1/2″, graphite, oil, gel, acrylic transfer & chest hair on recycled watercolor paper, 2014


“Burn it down Charizard.  Burn it all down”

8 1/2″ x 11 3/4″, oil, graphite & acrylic transfer on recycled watercolor paper, 2014

I don’t want to make this blog post too long, but I can’t help talking about how the piece above originated.

That being said, my grandmother gave my son several pokeballs , like the one featured in the piece, containing gold-plated trading cards.  These were sold briefly via a fast food chain in the 90’s.  I had introduced my 4-year-old to the original Pokemon cartoons months before and he became an avid fan.  He’s starting school in August and for a while, he wasn’t too excited about it.  Anytime school would be mentioned to him, he’d say, “My Charizard will get the teacher and burn down the school”  

Don’t worry, like a good parent, I did my best to squash statements like that as they could be problematic, but I couldn’t help being interested in what a 4-year-old boy’s real-life application of  powerful pokemon would be. 

Until next time,


magic, masturbation, conceptual art, and super hero strength morphed into angst and aimed at society

Hello again everybody,

It seems I’ve finally slipped back into the rapid-fire cognitive condition that I’ve missed so much these last few months.  All week my brain has been bombarded with one idea after another.  I’m not saying all the concepts I’ve had pour into my cranium over the last week are great ideas but matters of taste, relevance, and quality are totally subjective to each individual viewer.   That being said, I single out the themes that interest me the most personally and then find a way to bring them to fruition.

I’ve worked mostly with printmaking this week.  It seemed to be the quickest way to get the ideas across. I really enjoy the process and I’ve been experimenting with methods of abstracting or messing areas up without ruining the image.  The themes of the most recent works vary from magic, masturbation, conceptual art, and super hero strength morphed into angst and aimed at society.

Might I remind you that just because these ideas have sprung from my head and are now material, that in no way reflects on my personal practices, beliefs, opinions or tastes.  For example, one would get the impression from the first image seen below that I dislike conceptual art and play at making fun of the genre.  That deduction would be absolutely wrong.  

I happen to like conceptual art.


“I should’ve robbed a bank before attempting conceptual art”

11 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, oil, graphite, gel, and acrylic transfer on acid-free recycled watercolor paper, 2014


“Portrait of the artist kicking the shit out of cars”

11″ x 8 1/2″, graphite, acrylic transfer & tape on 150lb acid-free card, 2014


“Sigil magic is the fun-nest magic”

11″ x 8 1/2″, graphite, acrylic transfer, ballpoint pen & oil pastel on 150lb acid-free card, 2014

After completion, I found the piece “Sigil magic is the fun-nest magic” was a sort of filthy less lyrical throwback to my mentor THH70.  I assure it, it was purely coincidental or perhaps my subconscious at work.  Sorry T.

Until next time,


The Cooz Who Broke The Internet & other new works

Hello again everyone,

I hope anyone who celebrated the 4th of July had a great time.  I myself stayed indoors and worked the holiday away.  As you know, I took some time off this year and in an attempt to get back into my groove, I’ve been playing around with different mediums to see what fits.  Some of the experimentation has simply been returning to a medium like charcoal, that I haven’t used in years while other exercises have involved working with a medium like oil past that I’ve rarely made use of.  I’ve also been utilizing the ol’ ballpoint pen in sketchbook routine again as well as making mixed media transfer prints.

I think I’ve enjoyed the oil pastel undertakings the most.  I can make the pastel look like paint but I get do most of the work with my fingers.  I enjoy pushing and smearing the pastel around the work surface.  Below are photos of the eclectic fruits of my labor.  I hope you enjoy them.


Untitled work in progress,  14 x 17″, oil pastel on 100lb acid-free bristol vellum, 2014


“Good habits”, ballpoint pen & charcoal in sketchbook, 2014


“The Cooz Who Broke The Internet”, 11 x 8 1/2″, oil pastel, acrylic, & transfer on 150lb acid-free card, 2014


“I Want To Make Sculpture” ballpoint pen in sketchbook, 2014


“Study for portrait of the artist kicking the shit out of cars”,

8 1/2 x 11″ oil pastel, charcoal tape & transfer on 150lb acid-free card, 2014

Until next time,


Finally Making Use Of the Reference Photos I’ve Hoarded Over The Last Few Years

Hi everyone,

I’m back again after another painting session.  I figured I’d better paint something other than a dwarf this time around.  After all, I’d hate to get trapped in a niche.  That being said, I started searching through the hundreds of reference photos I’ve hoarded since 2010 and found a very expressive female face to paint and I’m pleased with the way the portrait turned out.  It’s an oil portrait with very loose brush stokes. I paid attention to detail, but avoided going too tight and painted it rather quickly.  Again, I went over one of the abstract expressionist works given to me a couple of years ago by a friend for just that purpose.

Anyway, check out the new oil below and feel free to comment if you’d like.


Untitled portrait

30″ x 22 1/2″, oil & primer on recycled watercolor paper, 2014

I’m not adding these new portraits to my website right away, but for pricing information about the piece above, 

please email me at

Until next time,



Painting Over A Littles Girl’s Watercolor Drawings

Hey everybody,

 Last year my pal, standup comedian Steve Herndon, gave me a large stack of watercolor paper to reuse.  You see, Steve had already painted abstract expressionist style compositions on each sheet. Steve’s little girl Saffy had drawn all over the back of one piece with watercolor.  I liked her rudimentary, whimsical drawings and decided to start with Saffy’s piece.  That being said, I guess this is a collaboration of sorts.

Anyway, I had quite a bit of trouble because the watercolor paper wanted to immediately soak up the oil paint.  So as you can imagine, blending the different tones together was a nightmare and it took longer than it normally would have, but it all worked out in the end.  I’m happy with it anyway.

Anyway, check out my new oil below.


“Dwarf With Saffy Herndon’s drawing”

22 1/2″ x 30″, oil & tape on child’s drawing on paper, 2014

I’m not putting any of my new works on my website right away, but if you’re interested in purchase contact me at

Until next time,